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Newborn Baby Foot

On September 19th 2018 I gave birth to a healthy baby boy! i was so blessed to have Lisa as my Doula. Before I met Lisa I was not sure I needed a Doula. I assumed I could just go into labor with just the support of my husband. I met with Lisa a few times before my labor. She was very kind, supportive and understanding of what I wanted in my labor experience. And she helped answer all of my questions. Going into labor Lisa was there the whole time helping me with pain management and to make decisions.
She also made my husband feel better. My husband was very happy I decided to take Lisa as our Doula. Giving birth was a happy positive experience to me thanks to Lisa! If I ever havekjir4e to go through labor again I would for sure call Lisa.
Post labor Lisa called and asked how me and the baby were doing. She also came to visit us! I truly love having a personal relationship with my Doula. I feel it is important to establish a good relationship.After all Lisa helped us to bring into the world the most important gift we could ever get! We are so thankful for having Lisa in our life. I trust Lisa and her judgement!
I therefore highly recommend Lisa as a Doula for anyone who truly wants a positive, happy and beautiful birth. She is truly fantastic!

Joanna Herter

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